Wooden Fencing

Both Interwoven and Overlap Panels are made, the "Overlap" panel being the stronger because of the way in which it is constructed. Trellis tops of various designs can be incorporated into the panel on manufacture. Plain Trellis Panels of any reasonable size can be made to order.

If you don't see the style you require illustrated here please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Fencing - style 1
FencingRattery Sawmill Fencing - style 1 (Interwoven)
Fencing - style 2
FencingRattery Sawmill Fencing - style 2 (Lapped)
Square Trellis
FencingRattery Sawmill Square Trellis
Diagonal Trellis
FencingRattery Sawmill Diagonal Trellis
Post and Rail
FencingRattery Sawmill Post and Rail
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