About Rattery Sawmills

Rattery Sawmills were established in 1963 with the aim of producing exceptionally high quality timber products together with sawn timber which in turn could be pressure treated to a British Standard. This requirement called for a quality home-grown timber with a sustainable yield.

The timber species chosen was Douglas Fir, a timber which has exceptional structural strength and a very pleasing grain, where this is of importance. All timber which is supplied to the Mill comes from private estates within the British Isles who practice sound silvacultural methods, where timber yield is managed on a sustainable basis. 

Cut timberRound timber is sawn to a maximum length of thirty feet with cross sections of 17 by 10 inches being possible, wider widths are achievable with a reduction in the thickness of plank. Orders for sawn timber can be cross-cut to a customer's exacting specification resulting in no waste and a time saving for the customer by avoiding unnecessary cutting and the timber ends remain properly preserved.

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